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Child AND Family Life


EDG 5100: Research Methods

Graduate Students

Article Databases


You can search for journal articles in Primo and library databases (see databases tab).

Instructions: Finding Journal Articles

Find a Specific Article

Journal Titles

Find a Journal

  1. Open  Journal Title Search
  2. Search for the Journal’s Title.
  3. Click on the Journal Title in the search results.
  4. Search inside the journal for keywords on the journal page.

Professional Organizations

Child & Family Data



You can search for books/ebooks and book titles in Primo.

How to find a specific book or chapter

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

  1. Use Keywords. Add the keyword quantitative/qualitative and research or study. For example:
    reading AND (research OR study) AND quantitative
    Sample search in database. Top box has
  2. Use Filters. Some databases, like ERIC, will have the Publication type filter Reports -Research. Be sure to add quantitative/qualitative to your search.

Video Tutorials

Click on the video and the CC icon for captions.

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