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Getting Started with Research & Scholarship

Ideas to Generate Projects

  1. Continue the research of your dissertation or thesis with a new project. Consider collaborating with your dissertation chair or former graduate school classmates, if applicable.
  2. Ask other professors about their research projects and interests and for possible collaboration opportunities.
  3. Get involved with undergraduate research on campus. Help develop potential co-authors and future collaborators from successful students.
  4. Present at academic conferences to solicit feedback on your research and network for future projects.
  5. Contact federal or state agencies about data mining opportunities to help them analyze and publish their data.
  6. Consider scholarship in teaching and learning. Can you create a research study around a new assignment or innovative course design change? Publish your results in a SOTL journal.

Ideas For Publications

  1. Write and publish multiple journal articles or a book from your dissertation or thesis. Your literature review can be edited into a journal article.
  2. Write a summary article or literature review from the background section of your grant or research proposal.
  3. Don’t give up. Carefully edit and address reviewers’ criticisms of failed grant proposals or journal articles and resubmit.
  4. Volunteer to sit on a peer-review panel for a journal to learn how to write successful articles.
  5. Consider ways to convert your teaching or clinical activities into publications. For examples: write a case study from a unique patient or group of patients or write an article or book chapter from your lecture or training workshop.
  6. Set a protected time each week to work on writing or research. Commit to a specific goal for each session.
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