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Presentations & Speeches

Plan your Presentation

  • Review the assignment requirements: time limits, visuals (posters or slides), and/or handouts.
  • Read the Book Chapter: The Building Blocks of a Good Presentation
  • Outline your speech content with an introduction, body, and conclusion
  • Make a plan with deadlines to finish each part, or divide the work among group members

Research Your Topic

  • Find and read credible sources from a variety of view points. Primo is a good place to start.
  • Keep notes on where ideas come from, so you can cite sources later.
  • Look for a relevant quote, fact, statistic, event, or antidote to grab your audience’s attention in your introduction.

Create Visuals and Slides

Practice Your Presentation

  • Create cue cards with a few words or phrases for each slide
  • Practice with a timer, and add/remove or reorder your content as needed.
  • Once your speech is finalized, practice until you can finish confidently with time left for audience questions.

Give Your Presentation

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