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Popular Topics

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
    THE OOH is a comprehensive resource on employment in the United States. It provides detailed job descriptions, salary information, and up-to-date statistics on job prospects and employment outlook.
  • O*Net Online
    O*Net is similar to OOH, but provides additional tools for exploring careers and self-assessments for finding your best career match.
  • WORKnet (Wisconsin)
    Economic and employment statistics, and job listings for Wisconsin. 

  • Gale Encyclopedia of Public Health
    “Topics include diseases and conditions, health and wellness efforts, nutrition, ethics and law-related topics and statistics, sanitation issues, and everyday environmental effects”
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Fitness
    “Covers a variety of topics on physiology and fitness, including sports, body systems, the body’s reaction to physical fitness, (and) exercise activities.”

  • Social Media
    Entry from Opposing Viewpoints
  • Plugged In : How Media Attract and Affect Youth
    “examine(s) the role of media in the lives of children from birth through adolescence, addressing the complex issues of how media affect the young”
  • The Emotional Power of Music
    “bringing together contributions from psychologists, neuroscientists, musicologists, musicians, and philosophers…”
  • St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture
    “Covers topics and persons in major areas of popular culture: film, music, print culture, social life, sports, television and radio, and art and performance (including theater, dance, stand-up comedy, and other live performance).”
  • Alcohol in Popular Culture: An Encyclopedia
    “an overview of the entire history of alcohol in America from the first colonies to present day, focusing on the often-marginalized and pop culture aspects of alcohol use and misuse.”
  • Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music
    “important performers and industry figures, songs and albums, concerts and festivals, the rise of Christian radio and television, and other issues related to the growth of inspirational music.”

  • Assisted Suicide
    Entry from Opposing Viewpoints
  • Ethics, Science, Technology, and Engineering : a Global Resource
    “This work considers both the professional ethics of science and technology, and the ethical and political issues raised by science and technology in an increasingly complex and global society.”
  • Privacy in the Age of Big Data
    “highlights the many positive outcomes of digital surveillance and data collection while also outlining those forms of data collection to which we do not always consent, and of which we are likely unaware…”
  • Bioethics
    “topics such as key cases in bioethics, the human biome, genetically modified foods, emergency preparedness and response, social justice, sustainability, chemical warfare and torture, among many others”

  • Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health
    “Provides detailed information on mental disorders and conditions.”
  • Encyclopedia of the Mind
    “This encyclopedia brings together scholars from the entire range of mind-related academic disciplines from across the arts and humanities, social sciences, life sciences, and computer science and engineering to explore the multidimensional nature of the human mind.”
  • Mental Health
    “Provides students with a concise view of divergent opinions on (mental health)”
  • Encyclopedia of Body Image and Human Appearance
    “how people’s outer physical characteristics and their inner perceptions and attitudes about their own appearance (body image) affect their lives”

  • Encyclopedia of Superstitions
    “This classic and thoroughly delightful reference explores the origins of superstitions.”
  • Encyclopedia of Misinformation
    “this is the definitive guide to how we are tricked, and how we trick ourselves.”
  • Pseudoscience: A Critical Encyclopedia
    What makes science, science?… The encyclopedia spans the full spectrum of scientific and nonscientific pursuits, from chemistry, biology, psychology, and medicine to eugenics, religion, cryptozoology, the occult, and paranormal activities.”
  • Extraterrestrial Life
    “Covers the topic of extraterrestrial life; from personal accounts and case studies to pertinent factual and statistical articles to commentaries and overviews.”
  • Conspiracy theories
    Encyclopedia Entry from Opposing Viewpoints in Context

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