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OLA599 Graduate Research Project

Steps in the Research Process

  1. Use ebooks and reference books to learn the history and vocabulary of your topic
  2. Create a solid research question, but be prepared to narrow or broaden your question based on what research is available.
  3. Learn how to search databases effectively and gather sources on your topic. Use subject terms for your concepts whenever possible.
  4. Check out our other Help Guides on Literature Searching and Writing With Sources
  5. Cite your sources and format your paper using APA.

Video Tutorials

Scholarly Business Articles
Scholarly Education Articles
Using an article to find more articles
Peer-reviewed articles

Search for Articles (Databases)

Business Databases

Education Databases

Ministry Databases

Search Terms

Looking for some suggestions for Primo or databases? Try combining a few of these keywords or phrases.

Subject Terms:

  • “servant leadership”
  • “transformational leadership”
  • servant leadership – religious aspects – Christianity
  • “organizational effectiveness”
  • “corporate culture”
  • corporations – sociological aspects
  • “personnel management”
  • “work-life balance”
  • “stress management”
  • “work and family”
  • “job satisfaction”
  • “employee motivation”

Leadership Ebooks

Finding Journals By Title in Primo

  1. Open Primo Journal Title Search
  2. Search for the Journal’s Title.
  3. Click on the Journal title in the search results.
  4. Find the box to search inside the journal for keywords.
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