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NURS 335/336 Nursing Research

This slide tutorial is designed to help you write a good PICO question and learn to find different types of evidence.

Practice Activity

Practice Activity: Search a database and find search and article links

Double click either video to view full-screen.

Tips for Identifying Research Study articles

Tools to Evaluate Research Studies

Topics often with nurse author:

  • Staff: Nurse training or management,
  • Behavior: Nurse attitudes, relationships & communication on the job,
  • Patients: Patient safety, patient education, health promotion, patient attitudes & satisfaction
  • Nurse Health: self-care, stress, quality of life, work-life balance, burn out,
  • Healthcare setting/delivery: primary care, hospital, ICU, prisons, home healthcare, clinics, telehealth,

Topics rarely by nurse author:

  • drug treatments or therapy
  • surgical treatment


CINAHL Complete has filters for:

  • First Author is Nurse
  • Any Author is Nurse

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