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NURS 203: Professional Care Foundations

In this course, you are introduced to PICO questions and evidence-based practice. The most common format of evidence is peer-reviewed journal articles. They can be research studies, review articles, or clinical guidelines.

  • Students can identify (1) relevant Mesh Term for their PICO question.
  • Students can locate (1) peer-reviewed journal article from a Pico question in a library database.
  1. Start the tutorial by clicking on the first link on the slide: I need to write a Pico(t) question. View the next (6) slides, Steps 1-5. Step 5 has (2) slides.
  1. We will review the second tutorial together: I have a Picot, I need to find research studies.
  2. Each student will then complete a short Google Forms Activity to practice.

Article Summary & Analysis

APA Citations

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