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Market Research & Consumer Data

What is Secondary Research?

This guide focuses on secondary research: reports and analyses completed by third-party companies, researchers, and analysts.

In addition to researching competitors, your industry, and potential consumers, you’ll want to explore articles and books about advertising and marketing for your specific product or service. Consider both recent (last 6 months) and long-term trends (last 5-10 years).

Target Markets

RKMA Handbooks provide a summary of market data for a specific industry.

Find Customers

Books and websites about consumer behavior, spending, and attitudes.

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By Age

Spending Habits

Recent Trends

Gather Data

Recent and historical data will help you identify potential customers and competitors.

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Article Databases

These databases aggregate articles from press releases, trade publications, and scholarly journals. Search for specific trends, business and product ideas, consumer attitudes, and markets.

NameProQuest Business Databases
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NameBusiness Source Ultimate
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