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How do I find a Company Annual report?

Public (and some private) Companies

Best options: Mergent Intellect Database or SEC EDGAR website

Mergent Intellect Database

  1. Search for the company name in Mergent Intellect. Click on the company name to open the company profile.
  2. Find annual report under the company details tab.
  3. Click the most recent English report from the list to download a PDF of the report.
Download a PDF of the annual report inside Mergent intellect

ProQuest Business Databases

Historical (older) annual reports may be available.

  1. Search for the company name and choose in document title from the drop-down box next to the search box.
  2. Choose Annual Report under the document type.
  3. Sort results by most recent first.
Sort search results in Proquest by most recent to see the latest report available

SEC Website (public companies only)

  1. Open SEC EDGAR website. Search for the company name in the Company and Person Lookup.
  2. Under Selected Filings, click on the 10-K tab and find the latest 10-K in the link of links.
Click the 10-K tab on the company page in EDGAR to find the latest 10-K document

Private Companies

If the private company you are interested in is not listed in Mergent Intellect, try searching the companies website for an annual report.

Be aware that many private companies use their annual report as a marketing tool and it may not contain much detailed financial information.

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