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See the library’s main website about available resources, borrowing, hours, and falcon IDs.

Accessible version: Frequently Asked Questions 2019

A: Your library account is located inside Primo, our library search system. Click sign in at the top. Your account is created automatically and activated the date your course opens in Blackboard.

  1. Open Primo.
  2. Click Sign In in the top right corner of the page. Use the CUW Portal Option.
  3. Click on your name on the top menu bar.
  4. Click my loans to see items currently checked out.
  5. Click my requests to see items held at the CUW library for pickup or requested via SWITCH
  6. Click on loans to check due dates and renew items. 

A: On-campus students are given a set number of pages to print for free but you must print from a CUW campus desktop computer or through WebPrint.

  1. Login to WebPrint with your Portal login. 
  2. Follow the instructions for printing from IT.
  3. Find the closest printer in the library (there are two). Login using the ID reader and your Falcon ID or use the touch screen with your portal login.
  4. Click on the document you want to release from your print Queue.
  5. Log out of your print account when done.   

Database access is provided by a CUW library subscription, which is paid for primarily by CUW student tuition funds. Your log-in is proof of your status as a current student. 

Note: login to Primo is also required for some databases to appear in Primo search results, even on campus.

Error message for library online links.
Inactive account error message

A: Sometimes this happens by accident, especially for returning students or at the start of a new term. Follow the instructions provided, and contact the library after 48 business hours if you are still seeing this message.

A: Finding specific items can sometimes be tricky. Remember, Primo doesn’t have a spell checker. 

  1. This help guide has instructions: Find specific items.
  2. If that doesn’t work, try searching for the item in  Google Scholar
  3. Look for the Full Text @ CUW link in Google Scholar to find the item in Primo.
  4. Still cannot find it? Ask a Librarian or call the circulation desk at 262-243-4330.

CUW Library does not purchase or request textbooks, however:

  • Professors can put their own copies of textbooks on course reserve at the circulation desk.
  • Occasionally students donate their old textbooks to the library. You’ll find these mixed in with the main stacks. 
  • Professors sometimes use a library eBook as a textbook alternative. These should be linked inside Blackboard.

Search for the book title in Primo to see if we have it. Check with your instructor if an older edition will suffice.

A: If multiple links are available, try another link.

In other cases, Primo links to a journal website or other open-access resource online.  Search for the article title in the website search box. Be sure to report broken links to the library.

A: No. The library has DynaMed Plus and Clinical Key which provide updated clinical resources and information. Some academic programs may require you to purchase an individual license for UpToDate.

Stop by the library office during regular hours. Replacement ID cost is $25, paid at the cashier’s office ahead of time. Please bring your receipt.

Find more information on our website here for online students: Concordia ID Cards

The Southeastern Wisconsin Information Technology Exchange (SWITCH) is a group of eight academic libraries at schools in the Milwaukee area that share books, DVDs, CDs, and other physical items.

  1. Search for Switch Items in the SWITCH Libraries or Everything Search option in Primo.
  2. Sign-in to Primo.
  3. Click Request from another SWITCH Library under In the Library on the item page. 
  4. Optional: Off-campus students type “home delivery” under additional information to have the item mailed home. Delivery to CUW is usually 1-2 business days. The user pays to ship back to CUW.

CUW Commuter, center, or online students: Do you live close to another SWITCH campus? Bring your FalconID and you are welcome to access and check out their physical materials on-site.   

Possibly. CUW Library shares physical library resources with libraries around the world. Note: CUW library does not request textbooks.

For on-campus students:

Physical items: Search SWITCH Libraries in Primo. Use SWITCH request to have physical items delivered for pickup at the circulation desk on the Mequon campus. 

If you can’t find the item in SWITCH, request the item via a free service called Inter-library Loan using this Interlibrary Loan form. If the ILL item is available, it will be delivered to the Mequon campus for pickup. 

Return all items to the Mequon campus. Renewals of materials are limited by the lending library.

For Online or Center students:

Physical items: Search SWITCH Libraries. Use SWITCH request to have physical items mailed home. Return all items to the Mequon campus via mail (you pay return shipping costs).

Distance students may be able to utilize materials at local public universities near their homes. Contact local public universities near you for more information on their policies.  

Interlibrary loan is limited by US Copyright restrictions.

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