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Physical Therapy Guide

Welcome CUW undergraduate students in PT courses and MPT graduate students.

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Evidence-Based Practice Guide
APA Citation Style Guide

To find Primary Research Articles inside databases Add the following row of keywords to your search:

(methods AND results) OR methodology OR “case study” OR “this study” OR “a study”.

You will want to copy and paste this entire row of keywords into its own search box in the advanced search.

Important! From your list of results, you will still need to examine each article to see if it is primary research

Research Search Tools

Working on a literature review? Try one of these tools for more research articles and grey literature


PICO Specific Search Tools

Trip Database – Clinical Search Engine
Clinical search tool designed to allow health professionals to rapidly identify the highest quality clinical evidence for clinical practice. Registered users (registration is free) benefit from extra features such as CPD, search history, and collaborative tools.
Search PubMed with PICO

Search for Journal articles in Primo or library database (see databases tab)

Instructions for searching & requesting: Finding Journal Articles

Journal Titles

Issues from the past year often require ILL or Print


Find Journal Articles By Journal Title 

  1. Open  Primo Journal Title Search
  2. Search for the Journal’s Title or ISSN.
  3. Click on the Journal’s title in the search results.
  4. Search inside the journal for the article title on the journal page, or click a database link for years, volumes, and issues.

Note: Digital scans of print journal articles can be requested through Primo. 


Search for books and ebooks in Primo.

General Instruction: Finding Books Guide

Find a specific book

Library of Congress Call Numbers

RJ 52-53           Pediatric Therapeutics

RM 695-799      Physical therapy and rehabilitation

 RM 930-931      Rehabilitation therapy   


📹 Watch a tutorial about using Ebooks 

Clinical Key Ebooks

Ebook Central
EBSCO eBooks

Note: You will be prompted to create a free account to download a large number of pages.  

Reference Books

Use these general guides to look up definitions or vocabulary.

Gray’s AnatomyREF QM 23.2 G73
Merck manual of diagnosis and therapyREF RC 55 M4
Physicians’ Desk ReferenceREF RS 75. P5
Human Anatomy OnlineWebsite
NLM’s MedlinePlus Medical EncyclopediaWebsite

When would I need to find statistics and datasets?  You might use statistics to describe your population/problem and show why it’s important.


NIH tutorial: finding and using health statistics 

Background Information

Other Library Research Guides:

Video Tutorials

Click on the video and the CC icon for captions.