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Searching for Sources

▶️Watch a Video Tutorial on choosing research questions.

Remember, your research question should:

  • fit the assignment length, type of argument, and source type requirements
  • Include an argument supported with evidence

Example Topic

Q: What is the effect of water pollution on child development in the United States?

The W Questions

  • Who: Who are you talking about?
  • What: What is are they doing or is happening?
  • Where: Where is your topic relevant? 
  • How: How is it happening?
  • Why: Why is your topic important?

Example Topic

  • Who & What: child development
  • Where: United States
  • How: water pollution
  • Why: public safety

Use the word or phrases for your topic and combine them using AND to make a search string:

Who AND Where AND How AND Why

▶️ Watch a video to learn more

Example Topic

“Child development” AND “united states” AND “water pollution” AND safety

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