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­čîčSearching for articles

Library search tools don’t work like search engines like Google.

  • Instead of: What are the benefits for college students who study abroad?
  • Try searching this: “college students” AND “study abroad” AND benefits

­čĺşTypes of Articles

  1. Original Research
    • Look for: words like “study”, “design” “experiment” in the abstract
    • Common sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion
  2. Literature Review
    • Look for: summary of multiple articles on a topic
    • Long page lengths
    • Sections organized by themes
  3. Methodology/Theoretical
    • Looks for: terms like “concepts”, “framework”, “model”, “theoretical foundation”, and “perspectives” in the abstract or title
    • Difficult to read and understand
  4. News/Opinions/Book Reviews/Letters/
    • Look for: reference to another publication, person, or event
    • Not scholarly
    • very short page length
  5. Case studies
    • Look for: a unique situation or event
    • More common in medicine, business, social sciences
    • May be too unique to be applicable to a larger population.