Help Guides ยป Blackboard Posts in APA

Blackboard Post in APA Formatting

Posting in Blackboard following APA style uses paragraph features in MS Word with editing features in Blackboard.

Always start with plain text. If you are copying text from the internet, make sure to click the paste icon and click on merge formatting under paste options.

Screen shot of merge formating paste option in MS word
  1. In Microsoft Word, type up your discussion post. Include headings, text, and references in an APA compatible font.
  2. Add headings and descriptions for images and figures. Put them on their own line of text.
  3. Double space the text.
  4. Indent each paragraph of text using the tab key.
  5. Add a hanging indent to your references.
  6. Take a screen shot of any images or figures and save them as .png files.

The rest of the formatting you will add inside the Blackboard text editor.

screen shot of a word document with double spaced text and headings on their own line

Caption: Plain text in Word before copying into Blackboard.

  1. Open a new Blackboard discussion post.
  2. Highlight your text in Word, copy it, and paste it into the Blackboard post window.
  3. Use the text editor to add Bold, Italics, and center your section headings.
  4. Bold your figure/table headings, and italics the figure captions.
  5. Add an empty line between each figure/Table headings and caption.
  6. With your cursor on the empty line, insert any figures into the post using the blackboard insert tool.

screen shot of the blackboard post window with red boxes around editing tools in top menu

  1. Click on the preview tool (top right corner) in Blackboard to see what the post will look like.
  2. A new window will open. Close this window when you are done.

Screen shot of a blackboard preview window with red square around preview button

  1. Submit your post to Blackboard.
  2. If you notice any formatting issues, click the edit button in Blackboard to further fix the post.

Screenshot of Blackboard post using APA style guidelines

Note: Don’t worry about the title page or separate page for references.