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Streaming Video & Multimedia Online

FAQ: Can I stream a video in class from my personal Netflix account?

Maybe. If you have a personal subscription to Netflix, you can stream some educational content in class. This must be done synchronously, either in an in-class session or synchronous Zoom sessions. Do not record the session for future use.

FAQ: Where can students rent low-cost titles online?

Decider is a website that lists all the streaming platforms a video is available, including rental options. Sometimes students can use a free trial of a streaming service to view a video for free.

FAQ: Can I use this YouTube video?

Some videos and channels on YouTube are Creative Commons Licensed. In other cases, you can request permission from the video creator. Look for a website link in the Channel’s description, and check the website’s terms of use section (usually linked on the bottom of all pages). If the website’s terms of use allow educational use, then you can use the video. Otherwise, you must request permission to use the video using the website’s “Contact Us” page.

Search for CC videos on YouTube: CC Search

TV Shows and Video Clips in Databases

  • Frontline (PBS) some episodes from 2008-2018 are available through Gale
  • Nova (PBS) episodes from 2005-2017 are available through Gale Academic One File
  • Independent Lens (PBS) some episodes from 2007-2018 are available through Gale
  • 60 Minutes (CBS) some episodes from 1993-2015 are available through ProQuest Central
  • New York Times Videos (2018-present) covers up-to-date popular news and culture and is available through ProQuest
  • Harvard Business School Faculty Seminar Series (2002-2010), 57 video lectures on a variety of business topics, is available through Business Source Complete. Instructions: On the top blue menu bar click More, then select Images/Business Video.
  • INTELECOM Video Collections (2002-2006) are short instructional videos created specifically for high school and college courses.

Streaming Video & Audio Sources Online