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Welcome to the Faculty Resources Guide! CUW Librarians have put together resources for faculty based on frequent requests and teaching and library best practices. 

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  • Research Assignments
  • Library Skills Pretest
  • Help Guide Quizzes
  • Fair Use & Copyright
  • Support in Blackboard
  • Open Access Textbooks
  • Multimedia Resources

Assignment Templates and Ideas: a page full of learning outcomes & assignment examples

Checklist to Evaluate YOUR Research Assignment Handouts- Suggestions from librarians  to help students successfully use and locate information sources. 

Research Guidance Rubric For Assignments -  Rubric to assess your assignment for student guidance on doing research for your assignment.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid:

  • Assumption of library skills or experience. Remember, it's always better to  assume no experience or use formative assessments before assignments are due.  
  • Ignoring the Research Process in assessment. Students should be assessed on both the research process and the final product, to ensure quality search techniques and reduce plagiarism. 
  • Not requiring students to explain or justify source selections.  This requirement improves source selection and helps develop critical thinking and communication fluency. 
  • Incorrect or incomplete directions about using library resources. Ask a librarian or link one or more of the relevant help guides to Blackboard.  
  • Not using Course Reserve for required resources. If your assignment requires a specific item, course reserves is the best way to ensure equal access for all students and avoid "disappearing" items.
  • Not providing an audience or reason why a resource type is required. Clarify how information is disseminated in your discipline. Try using a mixture of assignments which address a variety of audiences (academic, professional).
  • Limiting source requirements too much. Quality information can come in many forms.  Allow for some flexibility in source type, with instructor approval, to allow students to utilize quality non-traditional sources. 

Elaine Gustafson is available to helping faculty develop or update an assignment's instructions.   

An anonymous, 5 minute, self-grading, multiple choice quiz in Google Forms is available to help faculty assess their students’ current mastery of basic library skills. 

Students come to courses with a variety of skill levels and CUW library experience. Assessing potential deficits helps prevent struggles with course assignments.

Quiz topics:

  • CUW library account login
  • finding and using books
  • library database basics
  • choosing keywords/search terms
  • source evaluation criteria
  • determining source type from citation
To use this quiz:
  1. provide students with the six digit course (available from the course schedule), a deadline for quiz completion, and this link: https://goo.gl/forms/EeaImCRirWNJqYEu2
    Students will receive immediate feedback and correct answers after submitting the quiz. 
  2. To see how your course performed, Contact Librarian Elaine Gustafson with your course code and quiz deadline. You will receive a short summary of the course’s strengths and weaknesses, and resources to share with students to improve any specific skill deficits.

Assigning a help guide for your course and looking for an assessment?

These simple multiple choice, self-grading quizzes can be easily added to blackboard.

Students will be emailed their results upon quiz completion which they can then submit to instructors for a grade.

Available Quizzes:

Using Databases
Finding Books
Finding Articles
Choosing a Topic
Evaluating Sources
Writing with Sources
Literature Searching

More quizzes coming soon!

Fair Use FAQ for Professors (PDF)
This guide explains when and if you can share a copyrighted material in your class or Blackboard.

Fair Use For Software Preservation (PDF)
This guide explains when and if you can copy and save software programs for continued access to digital files when file conversion is not available.

Fair Use and Course Reserves: Fact and Fiction:  Blog Post from Harvard University Librarian

Cornell University Copyright Information Center Guide:
Comprehensive coverage of Fairuse, a helpful checklist, as well as information about protecting your own work.

ACRL Fair Use Tool Kit: A variety of information about fair use including presentations, legal cases, and guides

Most Services are  in the Faculty Resources Box on the Library Tab in Portal.

Additional Services not in Portal:

Embedded Librarian Request: Embedded library support for Blackboard is available for on-line and on-campus course with heavy research focus such as capstones, research methods courses, thesis, and doctoral research courses. Embedded Librarians answer student library questions and serve as a resource for both faculty and students. Email Elaine Gustafson for more information.

Library Links Blackboard Modules: Instructions and Description in Library Modules for Blackboard (DOC)

Need help? Ask a Librarian

The following websites include freely available ebooks which can be used as textbooks in some courses. The CUW Library does not assume responsibility for content from these sites and cannot guarantee availability or functionality. Copyright compliance is the responsibility of the user.

  • Merlot
    Subjects: Arts, Business, Education, Humanities, Math, Science, and Social Science
  • OER Commons
    Subjects: Arts, Business, Humanities, Applied Science, Math, Science, and Social Sciences
  • OpenStax
    Subjects: Arts, Business, Humanities, Math, Social Science, and Technology
  • University of Minnesota Open Textbook Library
    Subjects: Business, Education, Humanities, Math, Medicine, Science, and Technology

Open Source Multimedia Sources- Video & audio clips you can use in your courses or your students can use in assignments. 

Faculty Orientation Videos

CUW Librarians have created a set of 5 videos to introduce faculty to current library resources and services. Click on the title below to watch the video.

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