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LICI Program Orientation

Welcome to CUW! Your Librarian Elaine Gustafson has designed a set of activities for you to complete during your residency to help you build or brush up on your database searching skills.

This page includes videos and guides for the activities I would like you to complete. Depending on your current experience level, some activities will be easy or challenging. Take this opportunity to explore databases and bring questions to our second session.

Session 1 Powerpoint
Orientation Homework Sheet


Task 1: Identify your concepts and keywords

Task 2: Identify Subject Terms in Databases

Subject terms: standardized terms for different topics or source types assigned by librarians. 

Subject terms are specific to each provider but are often based on Library of Congress or MeSH Classification. Look for your topic in a database thesaurus to find the best subject terms.

Double click any video to open a larger version.



Go to: Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection and Click Subject from the top menu bar.

Task 3: Sample Searching

Watch these video clips to learn more about the  ProQuest and EbscoHost Platforms.

Go to: Ebsco Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection Database
Go to: Proquest
Psychology Database

Task 4: Create A concept Map

Many of the research questions you explore in this program will be interdisciplinary. Learn why this is important, and how it affects your research process with this video clip. 

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